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Each color represents
a seperate layer
of wax and dye Batik is a "resist" technique. Melted wax is applied to the fabric, then the fabric is dipped in dye (the waxed areas "resist" the dyes). The fabric is allowed to dry before repeating the process again for each color in the design working from the lightest color to the darkest.

Care and planning must be taken with choice of colors because each new color mixes with the previous colors in the unwaxed areas. Mysterious and almost magical changes occur when waxed fabrics are dipped into different color baths.

The crackle or veining that appears in most Batiks is caused when the wax cracks and allows the dye to penetrate to the fabric. After the final color is applied, the wax is removed and the piece is ready for presentation.

All designs and images © Toni Spencer